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About Us

About Us

Lennox Management LLC is a company that specializes in talent management for musicians, models, dancers, and athletes.  The success of Lennox Management is attributed to our ability to identify industry trends and leverage those opportunities through the power of relationships to exceed expectations along with a client-centric servicing approach to conducting business and delivering impactful results.

About Me – Kassandra G. Lennox

Over the last 5 years, Kassandra’s passion and drive started to evolve and become prominent in the sports and entertainment industry.  Working in luxury hotels and hospitality for the majority of her career shined the light on becoming more closely involved in major charity events for athletes and musicians.  After falling in love with the industry Kassandra found a way in that allowed her to wake up every day doing something that she could fully embrace with arms wide open and truly love what she was doing.  
“Life should be about what makes our heart beat, or even flutter and the entertainment and sports world does that for me. Having had some incredible mentors and friends come into my life day in and day out, my dream of having a management company started to evolve. My younger yet incredibly brilliant siblings always made me proud and at a certain point, I wish I could have done more for them in their incredible swimming careers which led them to the 2008 Beijing Olympics representing Puerto Rico.  My life will always be to eat, breathe, sleep and dream, about the entertainment and sports world

Lennox Management LLC prides itself on offering hands-on, personalized attention and guidance to all of our clients. We bring compassion, care and dedication to each and every one of our artists, dancers, models, athletes and models.

Where are we based?

Our talent management agency is based solely in Miami, Florida.